Web Hosting is very important to start an online business, Without it, you can’t make your website so The choice of your web Hosting Provider is very critical. Just like the choice of your Internet Service Provider is a critical one If you choose an internet service with a lagging speed and poor performance, you know how difficult it is for you to perform online activities Similar is the scenario with Web Hosting as well

Please consider the below points while choosing your Web Hosting Provider

How To Choose SEO-friendly Web Hosting in 2023?

  1. Website Loading Speed
  2. Website Downtime
  3. Failures Establishing  in Database Connection
  4. Website Backup & Restore
  5. Shared Hosting Problems
  6. SSL Certificate
  7. Bandwidth & Storage
  8. Business Mail

Let’s elaborate and understand each point in detail

Website Loading Speed

How fast your site loads when a user clicks on it is one of the major ranking Factors announced by Google,  Due to a lack of knowledge and understanding, many people are trying to improve their site design without much focus on choosing the right hosting service. choosing a fast and reliable web hosting service provider is essential to minimizing the loading speed. It’s a good practice to have VPS/cloud base hosting instead of shared hosting.

Website Downtime

You should know that downtimes give a really bad impression on your site visitors. Downtimes are usually issues on the server side. Some common downtime issues could be the hosting servers getting out of order or an exceeded limit of the bandwidth or a virus or malware attack

Downtime-related issues directly affect your rankings on search engines severely and  if the issue of downtime continues for days then there are chances of Google removing your site from its server so it is very important for you to choose a reliable and trustworthy Hosting Provider

Failure In Establishing Database Connection

Another common type of Hosting issue is an ‘Internal Server Error. This normally happens When a user tries to open your website and the server is not able to respond to the request due to a server issue, if your site is created using WordPress this error simply means that the database is not accessible at this moment.

For other instances, this error message has more explanation. Such as ‘Database Connection Failed’! This usually happens when many users try to access the database at the same time. That applies to viral content. A viral blog or a video. Suddenly, so many people are interested to catch them causing the server to crash So keep an eye on this as well when you are going for a Web Server.

Website Backup & Restore

One of the important point when choosing a Web Server is whether they provide a backup and restore option included in their package if not then this will be resulted in losing all your important data and once the data is gone one needs to start all the work from scratch, so it is always a highly recommended practice to keep backups of your data in the server so that your data can be safe.

Shared Hosting Problems

When you choose a shared hosting service that means you are sharing your web space with different other sites resulting in various problems like Viruses or Malware attacks Therefore, it is recommended not to opt for shared hosting space

Secured Socket Layer (SSL Certificate)

SSL is again one of the ranking factors for your site and when your choose a Hosting Service make sure that you choose one which includes the SSL in their hosting plan.

Bandwidth & Storage

Don’t forget to choose to host plans with a minimum of 4GB space and 10GB of bandwidth so that your site can run smoothly and handle an ample amount of traffic at a time.

Business Mail

While choosing a hosting service for your business don’t forget about business emails as this is an important aspect of your business communication choose a hosting plan which will have at least a minimum of 5 business emails included in its package so that you need not spend more money for using business mails.

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